Friday, November 14, 2008


A couple of years ago when I was still working at the law firm, a vendor sent me a book of random questions as a thank you gift. Or a holiday gift. Something like that. I flipped through it quickly, thought it odd, and was about to chuck it when it occurred to me that it might make a handy conversation starter if I was ever desperate for a blog post topic. I brought it home, stuck it on a bookshelf, and mostly forgot all about it. I've turned to it a few times in desperation and never found it to be of any help. But tonight, another extra long day at work has left me too exhausted to think of anything to write on my own, and so I gave it one last shot. I chose a page randomly and read the the question:

If you could kill the pet of anyone you know, whose pet would it be?


So. Um. No post tonight, okay guys?

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