Thursday, November 20, 2008

A few items from my life list

  1. Learn to play the piano. Or cello. Both for extra credit.
  2. Spend a week or two in Bora Bora with my love.
  3. Leave a $100 tip for a $20 meal.
  4. Perform on stage again.
  5. Plant a vegetable garden.
  6. Kayak.
  7. Stand atop The Great Wall.
  8. Visit Iceland.
  9. Find or make up a reason to wear a fancy dress at least once every year.
  10. Write a letter to my former step-father and tell him that I no longer hate him.
  11. Step foot on all 7 continents.
  12. Show The Kid the old farm.
  13. Take The Kid to a Sox game at Fenway.
  14. Shop in Paris.
  15. Walk/hike the trails connecting the Cinque Terra.
  16. See My Morning Jacket in concert.
  17. See a live performance of The Green Table.
  18. Attend a yoga retreat.
  19. Serve on the board of a non-profit arts organization.
  20. Go to the opera
  21. Leave May Day baskets on the doorsteps of all my neighbors.
  22. Have the most spectacular Halloween house on the block.
  23. Raise a happy, well-adjusted kid. Or maybe two.
  24. Make peanut brittle the way my grandma used to.
  25. Sleep outside under a sky heavy with stars.
  26. Lay outside under a sky streaked with shooting stars.
  27. See the Northern Lights.
  28. Take The Kid camping at one of those places where you can sleep in the trees.
  29. Soak nude in a natural hot springs.
  30. Develop the recipe for what will become my signature dish.

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