Monday, November 24, 2008

Another shopping tip

The office was broken into over the weekend and eight computers were stolen. I received the call shortly after dropping The Kid off at school. Most of my drive to work was stunned, but about half the way there I started to wonder how the burglars had gotten into the office in the first place. I believe my thought process went a little bit like this:

"Did they break a window? Bust down the door? Was the door left unlocked? [GASP!] Was the door left unlocked? Who was the last one out? It wasn't me! No, wait. Was it? I don't remember Friday. What was I doing Friday? OH. MY. GOD. I WAS the last one out! Did I lock the door?"

But then I remembered Friday. Then I remembered that I was rushing out, running late to see my beloved Kidd Pivot; that I slammed into the already locked door as I tried to leave the office, banging my startled knee against the glass when it didn't swing open like I expected it to; that I was on the phone when I left; and, very distinctly, that I juggled the phone, an impractical handbag, a folder, and my keys as I very awkwardly LOCKED THE DOOR behind me.


As it turns out, they pried the door open. Then they kidnapped my terrified iMac, along with the terrified iMacs of each of the designers. Several older towers were also taken. And a laptop has gone missing, though I like to imagine that it hasn't been napped, but instead fought off its attackers and fled the scene to find a safe place.

Tragically, none of the victims was insured. Luckily, they did not get our server, our PC (housing all of our accounting records), or our beer. They also left behind a Mac Mini, which I commandeered, and The Boss brought in his current (for himself) and his former (for a young designer) laptops. We sent the other designers home for the day. A locksmith, a security system installer, a door frame reinforcer, and three new computers are all scheduled to arrive tomorrow.

I do have to wonder what the nappers thought when they discovered our desktop wallpapers: Coldplay, Scott Stapp, Damien's Mama, and Sarah Palin. I suspect it made them feel a little better about what they'd done; helped alleviate what little guilt they may have felt. In the end, I'm willing to bet they decided we got exactly what we deserved.

On the upside, if anyone is looking for a new iMac at a good price, there are four that will be hitting eBay and/or Craig's List in very short order. Please be good to them. They're very good girls.

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