Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Here, kitty kitty

There has been a cute little kitty inviting himself into my home on a regular basis over the past week. Initially, I though it must just be a new neighborhood cat, but eventually he took up what was looking to be permanent residence on my front porch and I decided he must be lost.

I try really hard NOT to be a cat person on account of all the itching, wheezing and sneezing they cause. But they have this habit of meowing and, you know, looking at me. Who can resist? So I slowly started falling in love with the cat. The Kid was immediately sucked in and began trying out names. (He eventually settled on Dragolin, back when we thought he was a she.) And then I started very seriously considering keeping him, at which point I knew drastic measures were needed. So, I posted a picture and description on the West Seattle Blog's lost & found pet page (which is a pretty cool service that your neighborhood blog probably also provides, just FYI). And today I got a phone call from a woman who thinks I've got her feline.

The only problem is: now that I've found the owner, I can't find the cat. Today is the first day he hasn't been outside my front door, just waiting to figure eight his dander all over my legs. Figures.

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