Monday, June 16, 2008

On the bright side

Things are beginning to look up. This is why:

I got the new My Morning Jacket album. It was the one thing I intended to do over the weekend that I actually accomplished.

I finished two books yesterday, which means I get to start two new ones tonight.

I am interviewing a slew of potential assistants tomorrow. God bless college grads.

Last night, I convinced my son that the bowl in front of him contained cut up pieces of fruit, NOT fruit salad. And. He. Ate. It.

Tonight marked the second night in a row that real food was prepared for dinner, with enough left over for a next-day lunch of real food. And, in true single mom fashion, I simultaneously cooked rice, boiled potstickers, chopped vegetables, stir fried chicken, washed last night's dishes, set the table, located The Kid's missing Batman lego figure, freed Batman's head from his snuggly fitted lego helmet, fielded three phone calls, took out the garbage, tightened the screws on the bathroom door's upper hinge, inspected The Kid's itchy back and pronounced it allergic to grass, and poured myself a glass of wine - all with a smile on my face.

I had water with lunch today, instead of Pepsi.

Tonight I did some pilates. Yesterday I did some pilates. This marks my most impressive exercise streak in years.

Last night, I gave myself a facial (which, sadly, only accentuated how old I've suddenly grown). Tonight, I'm working up to a pedicure.

I only cried once today, and it was brief.

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