Sunday, June 01, 2008


You may or may not recall last November when I took part in NaBloPoMo (National Blog Posting Month) in an effort to get my lazy ass writing a little more. The goal is to post every day for the entire month, and I would've made it - if it hadn't been for that pesky boyfriend. Anyway, the NaBloPoMo-ers decided that one month a year just isn't enough, and so now they do it every month of the year. Because they're nut jobs. But they're reasonable nut jobs, and so have made it optional for those slackers among us to join in here and there willy nilly. And guess who decided to join in for June...

I decided to sign up this month for a few reasons:
  1. I've been spending the majority of my free time sleeping. As I'm sure you know, this is not only a sign of exhaustion, but also one of depression. While I don't expect it to help any with the exhaustion, writing for me is therapeutic, so perhaps it'll help knock away some of my recent mopiness.
  2. Depression or not, I've been wanting to write more. Posting here tends to get the ink flowing elsewhere.
  3. The theme for this month is "home" and I think it's a theme that will work well for me.
So, if I'm successful, for the next month I will post daily on a topic that is either loosely or directly inspired by the concept of home.

Speaking of "home", I need to go clean mine.

There. See how I did that? How I worked "home" into this post, just like that? Oh, yeah. This is gonna be a breeze...

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