Wednesday, June 11, 2008


We are currently interviewing for a Project Coordinator to assist me, sole Project/Account Manager at a busy graphic design firm. It is apparently a job that many, many, many people want... though I don't think many of them read the job description. Here is a sampling of what some hopefuls have to say about themselves.

From the cover letters:
  • I am contacting you not because of the full-time paid position.
  • It is my goal to use my skills to gain the job that has been my goal.
  • With so much work and school experience in industries that require a strong understanding of Microsoft Office and computer technology and in the arts I have a strong computer skill set that includes Excel and Word as well as an appreciation for all forms of art.
  • I enjoy crafty work.
  • I can guarantee that not only can I make a good cup of joe, but a great latte, mocha, espresso or macchiato.
From the qualifications:
  • Familiar with audacity.
  • Experience operating machinery including powered hand tools, drill presses, mills, and lathes
From the job responsibilities:
  • Helped students include themselves.
  • When necessary, communicated clearly with coworkers.
  • Promoted, organized and held biweekly "initiatives"
From the accomplishments:
  • Voted "Best Loud Rock DJ"
  • Persuaded customer to buy product.
And in the "Other" category:
  • The woman who submitted a head shot.

1 comment:

Kel said...

Beautiful! Are any of these from the people I sent you? I have to know!

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