Thursday, June 05, 2008

From the pockets of little boys

There's a bowl that sits on my dryer to collect all of the not-lint deposited in my lint tray. Today it contains the following:
  • Half of a blue marble
  • Cat Woman's headless lego body
  • Cat Woman's lego mask
  • Indiana Jones's lego body (with head)
  • Indiana Jones's lego hat
  • The business end of a plastic spoon with spider imprint
  • The shoulder plate of a Storm Trooper action figure
  • Two tiny purple dowels
  • Drawing of a ninja standing on his head
  • Wheels to a toy skate board
  • Handsome Furs sticker
  • Blue hair band
  • Purple hair band
  • Rusty screw
  • Ticket stub to Horton Hears a Who
  • Small chunk of wood
  • Piece of paper with the word "three" printed on it
  • Popped red balloon
  • Green bead
  • Black bead
  • One orange ear plug
  • A Spider Man band-aid
  • One plastic penny
  • Two pistachio shells
  • 26 cents
  • Button to a pair of jeans
  • Folded up sheet of paper with song lyrics written by my ex-husband (because his dirty clothes "accidentally" get sent home with The Kid's)

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