Saturday, May 31, 2008

And that is why I love her

Reviewing the business card of a client

Me: I don't think I'd like my last name to be "Lorem-Berry".

Girl Designer: I'm going to have some Lorem-Berries with lunch today.

Me: I'd really like a Lorem-Berry pie.

Girl Designer: There's Marion Barry. What's up with that?

Me: Yeah.

Girl Designer: What was he? The mayor of New York?

Me: Somewhere over there.

Girl Designer: And Marion Barry pie... I don't get the connection.

Me: That's the name of the berry. Marionberries. It's not named after Marion Barry.

Girl Designer: [laughing, hangs head in shame]

Me: Marion Barry pie: filled with crack cocaine and prostitutes.

Girl Designer: Shut it.

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