Monday, March 17, 2008

Roadtrip: Episode VI

Day Six. April 6, 2007. Santa Cruz to Carmel
The most noteworthy tales from Day 6 all come from breakfast. We returned to the Santa Cruz Diner (the same place we'd eaten dinner the night before) because a) my mom is a much bigger diner connoisseur than I ever would have guessed and b) she qualified for their 55-and-older senior discount, which she thought was totally rad. The only thing worse than its food was the service, which is presumably why each booth was stocked with a stack of Trivial Pursuit cards. I'm no trivia buff, which is clearly a trait I inherited from my mother:

Me: "What race's winner is draped with a blanket of roses?"

Mom: [puzzled look]

Me: "What race's winner is draped with a blanket of roses?"

Mom: "I don't know... The KKK?"

It's amazing how similar "race's winner" and "racist winner" sound in a crowded diner. Later that same day...

Mom: "What publication, in [year], was [some bit of trivia I don't recall]?"

Me: "I have no idea."

Mom: "I'll give you a hint. One of your sons used to subscribe to it."

Me: "One of my sons?"

Mom: "Oh my god. I was thinking you were Virginia."

It is not uncommon for my mother to call me by her younger sister's name, but this would mark the first time she actually thought I was her sister.

Not one to be outdone, The Kid started talking loudly about a hotel with lots of easy ass sex. In his defense, he was attempting to say "easy access" - it just kept coming out wrong. But there was no explaining to the cranky woman sitting behind us who complained to the waitress.

After such an eventful meal, the drive to Monterey to visit the aquarium hardly seems worth mentioning. Nor does the drive to Carmel to shack up for the night - except to say that we had dinner in something other than a diner. This was the single decent meal of the entire trip, and I celebrated by ordering a glass of wine to accompany my pasta. It was served in what appeared to be a repurposed fishbowl, and held enough alcohol to make me almost impervious to the frigid waters of the pool we all would jump into later that evening.

And then, sated with a heavy meal and lethargic from near frostbite, we climbed into one king bed and peacefully kicked each other in our sleep until daybreak.

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