Thursday, March 27, 2008

10 good things that happened today

  1. Wearing my cool stripey tights.
  2. Eating a brazillian omelet from Blue Star Cafe for lunch.
  3. Receiving an email regarding my impending raise.
  4. Booking a hotel for next week's vacation.
  5. Drinking a free afternoon vanilla latte.
  6. Hearing news from my mom that she got the job.
  7. Accepting an 82-track CD from my print rep, with artists ranging from Rupert Holmes to Ice Cube.
  8. Discovering the inclusion of "Detachable Penis", a song that I've tried - and failed - to describe to a certain someone on numerous occasions.
  9. Watching The Kid struggle to sound out "face," and hearing him authoritatively declare: "It's definitely not 'fuck'."
  10. Remembering to take the garbage to the curb.

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