Sunday, December 30, 2007

When you care enough to send the very best, part 2

A friend of mine gifted all of her friends with plates of homemade Christmas cookies. The cookies were great, but the real present was the plate on which they were served. She'd scoured thrift stores buying up all the vintage Christmas plates she could find. Mine is from Christmas of 1974, and celebrates a mutual childhood love: Holly Hobbie.

After eating the entire pile of cookies, I noticed this inscribed on the back of the plate:
For decoration only.
Caution: Not safe for food.
Not intended for use with food products.
In 1974, I'm pretty sure the FDA was still okay with people eating asbestos, so god only knows what this plate contains that warranted not one, not two, but THREE safety warnings. Wish me luck. And pray for Santa, because he ate more than his fair share of those toxic Christmas cookies.

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