Sunday, December 30, 2007

Hello. I'm KB, and I'm a shoe-aholic

After years of denying that I might be just the teeniest bit addicted to shoes, I'm ready to fess up. I just cleaned out my bedroom and got rid of 14 pairs of shoes, and what I have left still doesn't fit in my closet. In my defense (aka: justifications that only further prove my addiction):
  1. I have a very small closet.
  2. I needed lots of "corporate america" shoes for my last job - shoes I would not have purchased otherwise. I got rid of many of them when I changed jobs. Surely you don't expect me to get rid of them all.
  3. I actually wear all of the shoes in my closet (including the ones that don't actually fit in my closet).
  4. I rarely spend over $80 for a pair of shoes; never more than $120. Except that one pair of boots, but they don't count because they're boots and they're fabulous. And they were still under $200.
  5. Many of my shoes are actually flip-flops, and everyone knows flip-flops don't count.
  6. There are tons of people who have lots more shoes than me.
  7. I can acknowledge that it's silly for a woman to own 15 pairs of black shoes. I got rid of 5, and now only own 10.
  8. Yes, I really DO need 10 pairs of black shoes. I can prove it. #1: knee-high boots. #2: mid-calf boots. #3: mid-calf boots (seems redundant, but wait...) with the only heel high enough to wear with that one pair of jeans. #4: ballet-inspired flats. #5: flowery, canvas hippy flats like Mom used to wear. #6: strappy, barely there heels. #7: sparkly sling-back blacktie-appropriate heels. #8: funky maryjanes with a low heel. #9: flirty maryjanes with a high heel. #10: corporate america with a kitten heel.
So there.

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