Saturday, November 24, 2007

Stars in their own sitcom

Two of my favorite people in the world are Lulu Jones and her son, Baby Jones. And really, Baby Daddy ain't so bad either. Today Lulu and I went shopping while Baby Jones and Baby Daddy stayed home.

We got back just as Baby Jones was waking from his nap. I eagerly sat next to the crib waiting for him to agree to be lifted out. We made faces at each other and laughed and babbled about very exciting things outside his window. And all the while Baby Jones clutched his beloved bunny, which, as it turns out, was growing some sort of moldy mossy fuzz. Lulu sent out the alert, and Baby Daddy quickly popped into the room to steal the bunny away.

Later, while Lulu, Baby Jones and I ate a feast of Thanksgiving leftovers, Bunny boiled away in a pot on the stove. Once deeming it sufficiently sanitized, Baby Daddy retrieved the boiled bunny with a pair of kitchen tongs. He then transferred it to a plate and put it in the microwave.

Lulu: "What are you doing?"

Baby Daddy: "Gotta kill the germs."

Lulu: "You just boiled it."

Baby Daddy: [shrugs, starts microwave]

Me: "Now he's nuking the germs."

After a few turns in the microwave, the steaming bunny was transferred to the counter top. Baby Daddy then opened a cupboard and pulled out a salad spinner.

Lulu: "You are not going to do that."

Baby Daddy: "What?"

Lulu: "You are not going to do that."

Baby Daddy: "It's too hot to wring out."

Lulu: "It'll make the salad spinner stink."

Baby Daddy: "No it won't. It's plastic."

And so Bunny was treated to a rigorous spinning, while Baby Jones looked on, appearing more than a little concerned. Lulu also looked on, appearing more that a little perturbed. And I looked on, appearing, I'm sure, more than a little amused.

Finally, Bunny was pulled from the salad spinner (eliciting gleeful giggles from Baby Jones) and wrapped in a towel.

Lulu: "It's still going to be too hot."

Baby Daddy: [grimacing, wrings Bunny over the sink]

Lulu: "But that's okay. He's a man. He's tough. He can wring boiling hot water from a toy, just don't let him stub his toe."

Baby Daddy: [walking to the bedroom, past Lulu's uncontrollable giggles] My toe is bruised. I stubbed it hard.

I love those guys. And while I prefer actually interacting with them, I would also be very happy just sitting back and observing them.

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Ann said...

If the hollywood writers stay on strike, you could make money with this one! LOL

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