Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Slow news day, part deux

Nothing much to say today, so how about another thrilling edition of My Disney Road Trip? Good, I thought you'd be excited.

Day two. April 2nd. Salem to Brookings.
Heading out of Salem, my mom spotted an Applebees and, inexplicably, snapped a photo. In response to my raised eyebrow, she explained that one of her dear friends LOVES Applebees. They actually dated for several months, and have been friends for even more years, and she's never known him to eat anywhere else. She continued to snap photos of road-side Applebees signs, and has put them together in a lovely framed collage for his Christmas gift. She's not sure if this will amuse or offend him.

We slowly made our way to Florence to visit the sea lion caves. The Kid is absolutely obsessed with sea mammals of all sorts and didn't shut up with the "are we there yet?"s for two solid hours.

Also very exciting in Florence? Lunch at A&W, and The Kid's first ever experience of root beer. (You may not think this is particularly exciting, but The Kid begs to differ.)

We continued south towards Brookings to visit my sister and nephews. My mom took over driving duties, The Kid snored softly in the back seat, and I studied Mom's AAA Book scoping out lodging options in Brookings. Without warning - other than the screeching of brakes and my face mashed against the windshield - we came to a complete stop in the middle of the highway. Then my mother - usually a very cautious driver - threw it in reverse and backed into the parking lot of one very kitchy roadside attraction. She was clearly justified - who could drive past something like this?

There's an entire park of these things. The Kid ran excitedly from exhibit to exhibit along the trail, feigning terror at each life-sized bared tooth. Luckily he was wearing excessive amounts of camouflage, which allowed him to frolic undetected amongst the predators. My mom and I had not dressed with nearly as much forethought however, and The Kid reported we were each gobbled up at least 8 times.

The dinosaur diversion caused us to roll into Brookings much later than expected, and by the time we found a hotel and some dinner, it was going on 10:00. I was hesitant to call my sister, for fear I'd wake up her kiddos, but I wanted to make sure I nailed her down for breakfast in the morning. I'd talked to her about it before leaving Seattle, but she's notoriously flaky. And since hadn't seen her in nearly 6 years, and it wasn't likely I was going to be in Brookings again any time soon, I really wanted to make sure that we were going to be able to connect. Did I mention she's notoriously flaky? Right. So I picked up my phone and dialed the number, only to have a Spanish speaking woman answer the phone. I apologized, hung up, and tried again. This time I got Spanish Speaking Woman's husband. I apologized, hung up, and realized that the number I had saved in my phone was for the place my sister lived two years ago.

Did I mention that the notoriously flaky thing kind of runs in the family?

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Ann said...

It looks and sounds like a fun trip. Glad the kid was able to hide from the dinos. whew!

Did you ever meet up with your sister?

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