Monday, November 19, 2007

Like so many before us

Last night's phone conversation with my mom:

"So I don't want a turkey this year. The Kid's going to be with his dad, so it's just going to be you and I."

"Okay with me."

"So instead I thought we could have DON'T RUN WITH SCISSORS quiche and a nice--"

"I can't believe you just said that! That is SUCH a classic mom thing to say."

Tonight's phone conversation with my mom:

"Remember how last night I told The Kid to stop running with scissors?"


"Tonight he stepped on a rusty nail."


"Yup. He's apparently cramming every cliched childhood malady into this week."

Tomorrow's predicted conversation with my mom:



"The kid just shot his eye out."

1 comment:

Ann said...


Maybe kid will make a face at someone and his face will get stuck like that.

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