Thursday, November 15, 2007

From the archives

Found this in my draft posts, dated September 9, 2007:
Today when I dropped off The Kid at school, I found myself gazing longingly at the mothers burdened with more than one child - particularly the mothers strapped to a kid somewhere in the 0-6 month range. Later, standing in line to get coffee, I admired the baby bump of the woman behind me.

I laughed a bit at myself, for surely this is simply a reaction to sending my only baby off to kindergarten - something every mother goes through. But then slowly... quietly... that old familiar ache crept into my womb. And do you know what happened the last time I felt that ache? Do you? DO YOU? One roll in the hay later, my womb had exactly what it wanted.

And then came the panic: Wait! I don't want a baby! I like to sleep! I enjoy smelling like something other than my own soured breast milk! And who's going to help me? There's no man in my life to help with middle of the night diaper changes! No man to carry in the groceries when my arms are loaded with a stroller and a baby and a diaper bag. No man to...

Oh. Right. No man in my life. That's some pretty kick-ass birth control right there.
Update: It hasn't gone away yet. Today, I almost snatched the baby from the arms of the woman standing in front of me at Java Bean. Let's just assume it's a reaction to low levels of caffeine, shall we?


Ann said...

I've been feeling that urge for about 8 years now...ughh!

It seems like pregnant women follow me. They are everywhere, which really isn't all that helpful.

I don't have your form of birth control, which isn't helpful either. lol

Jacque said...

I've got a crabby 4 month old I can drop off that will cure you forever of any baby longings.

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