Saturday, October 20, 2007

Of absolutely no interest to anyone

I just finished a cup of coffee and Firmin: Adventures of a Metropolitan Lowlife, and now I would like a rat for a pet. My sister and her first husband used to have pet rats. They had lots of babies (the rats I mean, not my sister and her husband), and whenever their little cage started getting too full, Sister would let a few of them escape for Tassy (the cat) to devour. I thought it was cruel. But Tassy was a former farm cat - a natural hunter - crammed in a studio apartment on Capitol Hill, forced to eat food from a can. Sister argued that there was nothing more cruel than that. I guess she made a valid point, and there was no denying the joy that those little prison breaks brought Tassy. Although I'm pretty sure that particular building had plenty of free-range vermin without my sister's assistance.

I've now started reading a birthday present: No One Belongs Here More than You. It is quirky and I love it. If you did not just click on the link provided with the title of the book, I highly recommend that you pause now to do so. It won't take you to some boring Amazon page, I promise. It will take you to a refrigerator.

The Kid and I finished The BFG a few days ago. There was a brief return to The Carnivorous Carnival, which had been paused mid-book to allow the uninterrupted reading of The BFG. But The Kid was so enamored with The BFG that we're now reading it all over again. I guess there's a reason it's a bit of a children's classic.

I can not explain the urge to keep you appraised of what I'm reading. Just go with it.

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