Sunday, September 09, 2007


I am at Alderbrook for a company retreat. It's very pretty here, but I just want to go home. For me, the hard part is over. I've spent countless hours over the past weeks preparing for the morning session, crunching numbers and creating near thousands of detailed spreadsheets. I was at work until almost 10:00 last night (a relatively early night these days) fine-tuning the data and printing out houndouts. (None of which were actually used this morning, thank you very much.) The session is now over, so technically I have the afternoon to relax and enjoy the resort. I have another four hours until my services will again be needed. But I'm afraid to leave my room because this place is crawling with my coworkers, and I have seen far too much of these people during the last month (year) already. I really, really need some time away from them. Really. Really. Really.

And so I've retreated to my room with no intention of coming out until the 6:30 cocktail hour. I feel more than a little guilty about wasting a beautiful day and beautiful surroundings. But my room is equipped with a comfy chaise lounge, a cushy window seat, a small balcony, and an inviting bed. It's really pretty much perfect. Or at least it would be, were it not located adjacent to the firm's hospitality suite. And by "adjacent," I don't mean "in the vicinity of." I mean "adjoining." I have my own private entrance directly into the suite. This would be great, were I in a party-girl kind of mood. But, as we've already covered, I'm not.

So instead I sit here, vicariously watching a football game, kept apprised of the home team's progress through the joint "YEAH BABY!"s and collective "D'OH!"s of my colleagues. This is not particularly conducive to napping. And since it is a longstanding tradition to play epic poker tournaments in the hospitality suite until the wee hours of the morning, I'm not holding out much hope for sleep tonight.

Not exactly the rejuvenating spa experience I was promised in the brochure.

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