Saturday, September 01, 2007


The Cliff's Notes version of things that have happened since my last post:
  • Ms. Willer became Mrs. Hamilton. The wedding was a quiet, private affair for her and Mr. Hamilton. It was a boisterous, public affair for her car. The Mighty M and I, along with The Kid, decorated the hell out of Mrs. Hamilton's car amidst theft (of two jars of pickles from a quickie-mart), an arrest (not the burglar), and countless incoherent ramblings from meandering vagrants. And many congratulations, though most people thought M and I were the newlyweds. One stumbling man even stopped to tell us what a lovely couple we made.
  • I went to the doctor and peed in a cup.
  • The job continued to suck, 12 hours at a time.
  • The Kid went to the dentist and had bright orange sealants put on all four of his fresh new molars.
  • The Kid had kindergarten orientation. We checked out his classroom, met his teacher and future classmates and, most importantly, checked out the playground and rock climbing wall in the gym. The Kid now asks me daily when he gets to start school.
  • Job still sucks.
  • I went to the "female" doctor and had my annual conversation on breast cancer, birth control, and new sexual partners. I've come to think of this appointment as my yearly confessional; giant qtips swabbing my delicate insides as my penance.
  • I had dinner with the neighbors, while our respective sons played in the adjoining room and swore to be best friends forever. I thought only chicks did that.
  • As I tucked The Kid in to bed, he requested a baby brother. He'd like to name him "Banana."
  • The Kid and I went to Bumbershoot. We saw The Shins. We stood in A LOT of lines. We got cranky. We attempted to take a short cut to the kiddie rides through what appeared to be a legitimate opening in the fence. What, in hindsight, was clearly some ingenious teenager's free ticket to the festival, turned out to be my over-thirty idiot's accidental exit. That's right: I snuck OUT of Bumbershoot. Which was okay for us, because The Kid and I were pretty much done anyway. But the handful of people who chose to follow us were none too happy when the security guards closed the fence and refused to let them back in.
  • Blue cheese stuffed olives have taken up residence at the Admiral Metropolitan Market. My next martini will be delicious.

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