Tuesday, September 04, 2007

Goodbye Summer

Seattle is known for its rain. It's also known (at least to the locals) for tending to pull off sunny Labor Day weekends year after year. This year was no different, but it was definitely one of those years that made me feel like Seattle was doing us a favor. Like it really wanted to rain; needed to rain in much the same way a newly toilet trained-toddler needs to pee. More than a few times the air took on that ominous texture that sends any native Seattlite's eyes skyward, expertly analyzing the varying shades of gray in the collecting clouds. But Seattle is a good little girl, eager to please. So she held her breath, clutched her crotch, squirmed in her seat, jumped up and down, and managed to hold it until she damn near gave herself a bladder infection. It was well after sunset - long after anyone could legitimately blame her for ruining their holiday weekend - before Seattle pissed all over herself. But then piss she did, with all her might.

Hello Fall.

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