Tuesday, July 24, 2007

Soon to be headlining at The Sunset

For the longest time, The Kid wanted to be a puppy when he grew up. About the time he started preschool, he decided he'd rather be a teacher. His tune hadn't changed much since then, but a few weeks ago he very tentatively, very hopefully asked if being "a rock star on the stage" was a job. I told him that it certainly could be. Doubtful, he asked again. I confirmed my previous statement. Slowly, a smile began to spread across his face, wider and wider, until his entire head was swallowed in a grin. He jumped to his feet, wrapped his arms and legs around me in an exuberant full-body hug, and exclaimed: "When I grow up, I'm gonna be a ROCK STAR!" Then he scampered downstairs to start practicing. By the time I called him for dinner, he'd "written" two songs and had three potential names for his new band:

Force of the Cat

The Heariest Storm
("No, mom. HEARiest, not HAIRiest Storm. Hairiest doesn't even make any sense.")

Broom of the Bat

One of which will surely be coming to a town near you, sometime around 2022.

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