Monday, May 07, 2007

Some things never change

One of those things - an ex-boyfriend of mine from high school - tracked me down and paid me a visit over the weekend. I've not had a real conversation with him in something close to six years, but I was reminded during our visit that there is a reason we remained friends after we broke up those many years ago. It has something to do with the fact that we can lose touch for so long, and still have a conversation like this without a trace of awkwardness:

"She didn't like that I had porn, so..."

"You got rid of your porn?"

"Yup. I put it all in a box one night, and threw it in a dumpster."

"ALL of it?"


"Was there an unusual amount of it? Was it freaky porn or something?"

"Nope, just regular porn."


"I shouldn't be lusting after other women. Now all I can think about is her."

"That's not right. We need to get you new porn."

Odd perhaps, but this was a strangely comforting conversation for me. It's always good to be reminded that there are people out there who will listen to everything you have to say, and never dream of judging you by it.

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