Thursday, May 17, 2007

Clearing up a few things

Yes, I am thin.

No, I can NOT eat whatever I want.

That's why I'm thin.

(Oh, right. And good genes. Like the processed-food aversion gene. And the health conscious meal planning gene. And the sensible snack gene. And the exercise regularly gene.)

Disclaimer: This is in no way meant as a criticism of anyone else's weight, or as a dismissal of the struggle it is to lose weight. It is simply the verbalization of a frustration I have - the one that comes from people who assume that I am thin entirely due to my genetic makeup, and that my day-to-day behaviors have nothing more to do with my physique than they do with the color of my eyes. Despite what you may have heard, I do not subsist on nothing but vats of ice cream and - through some freak of nature - still look this bootylicious.

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