Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Hello Cobain, come on in

The Kid's always been a bit of a rocker.

As an infant, he was rocked to sleep several times a day to the tune of Ryan Adams. By two, he'd discovered the Flaming Lips and their robots. Next, the Beastie Boys put in a brief appearance, thanks to the influence of a neighbor kid. The following year, he couldn't get enough of Modest Mouse. For the past year or so, he's been overcome with his first true rock band obsession in the form of The Vines. Most recently, Rage Against the Machine has gotten a lot of play, ever since The Kid heard "Sleep Now in the Fire" on the radio. And now the inevitable has happened: he's discovered Nirvana. And when I say "discovered," what I really mean is "listens to the band every night - over... and over... and over... - much as his father did during the entire last decade of the 20th century."

His dad burned The Kid a custom-made Nirvana cd - made up of mostly b-sides and rarities, as is the Seattle way - and we've spent the past few weeks "practicing" after dinner. Since everyone knows girls can't be rock stars, my role is generally relegated to "dancer" or "member of the audience," though I'm occasionally permitted to play back-up guitar or drums. Mostly, though, I consult on lyrics. And guess who is equal parts mortified and impressed to find that Mommy - someone who's not only too old to be cool, but also a girl - has not only heard of Nirvana, but actually KNOWS ALL THE WORDS to the songs!?

He's got himself an impressive scream. Sings a series of mostly unintelligible lyrics (did I hear something about a raw potato?). And he plays his guitar like a lefty. Who better, then, to follow in the footsteps of Cobain?

Only with less heroin. And even less Courtney Love.


jacqueg said...

I nearly just peed my pants. When did Riley grow up into a bonified little boy??

Anonymous said...

You must share more... I have to admit that I had "raw potato, ab-uh-say-yo" going through my head on the ride home yesterday...

- Doug

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