Monday, March 12, 2007

One small step for man

The first time my [word I'm not entirely comfortable using yet] showered at my place, I proudly presented him with my Dove body wash. It was the only thing in my bathroom that wasn't pink or fruity, which is precisely why it had made its way into my reject pile - it leaves me smelling of soap, and everyone knows that girls should smell like jasmine or vanilla or expensive designer shoes. I knew he'd have preferred it in bar form, but I was pleased that I owned something manly enough to at least smell like soap. Sure, I cringed when I saw him washing his face with it - exfoliating beads and all - but what can you expect from a dude?

A couple weeks later, after much eye-rolling on my part, he finally asked for a proper facial cleanser and I triumphantly handed him my Cetaphil. It's hardly pink or fruity, and would probably be universally accepted by men and women alike, were it not for the fact that it looks disturbingly like semen. I considered making a lewd joke as he was rubbing it all over his face, but decided against it for fear it would send him running back to the matronly apron strings of bar soap forever.

Which explains why I'm finding today's post from Dooce entirely delightful. She's nothing if not timely.

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