Thursday, February 22, 2007

Seal of approval

For the past few weeks, I've been spending a fair amount of time in the company of a particular gentleman. The Kid has been highly suspicious of this guy's intentions ever since the appearance of flowers on my mantle. Not much gets by The Kid, and immediately upon spotting the bouquet he asked if a boy had given them to me. After I confirmed his suspicion, he wondered aloud if (horror of horrors) the boy had also kissed me. Again I confirmed, and The Kid reacted with a very theatrical display of disgust, quickly followed by sincere concern for my well being. Because, you know, it's likely I've contracted the cooties and have only mere days to find a girlfriend to spray me with the cootie antidote, else the boy germs take over and forcibly grow me a penis and wooly sideburns. Thankfully, the crisis ended abruptly after The Kid learned the name of the particular gentleman and, face suddenly clear of all worry, declared, "Um, Mom? I know that guy." Seems cooties only live on strangers.

Since that conversation, The Kid has kept pretty quiet about Particular Gentleman. But last night we had to briefly swing by his place, which prompted The Kid to settle into a long, quiet meditation. When I asked what he was thinking about, The Kid replied, "Well..." [more quiet contemplation] "...I think it's okay if Particular Gentleman turns into your boyfriend. I'm pretty sure I can teach him how to play Super Mario."

Which is fantastic, because that had been my one sticking point with Particular Gentleman. His general lack of toilet paper I'm willing to over look, but lame Mario skillz? Total deal breaker.

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mirrror said...

your style of writing is interesting and humorous, and got me totally hooked on your blog. had stumble upon it by chance, and now i do look forward to your entry. thank you for sharing.

~fellow blogger in another part of the world~

p.s. got to know a bit of seattle from your blog, which came in handy when my hubby visited in jan.

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