Thursday, January 11, 2007

Sweet November Rain turns to Ice, Ice Baby

In the last two months, the Seattle area has been plagued by rain, wind and snow. November brought us more liquid than we've seen in a single month since the beginning of time (aka 1933). Our first snow storm came later that month. Then the wind storm in December during which several of my neighbors' trees gave their best shots at destroying personal property; a wind storm that brought with it so much water that a woman actually drowned in her own basement. And we were hit with more snow and ice during last night's rush hour.

For me, this means that The Kid's preschool is closed once again. I believe this is the fifth time in little over a month. And while on some level I appreciate the excuse to work from home, I'm not gonna lie - I'm not anywhere near as efficient when working from home, particularly when The Kid's Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles dvd is blaring in the background. So I can't really enjoy my "vacation" knowing that it just means I'll have to make up my missed hours this weekend. I fully expect preschool will be closed again tomorrow and, since I can't really afford to stay home again, I'll have the distinct pleasure of an impromptu "Bring Your Son to Work Day".

Something is not right here. And Al Gore is right: It IS inconvenient.

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