Monday, January 01, 2007

Paving the road to hell

My good intentions for 2007 are basically the same as 2006, since all attempts at completing these tasks last year were abysmal failures:

1. See my brother. This may be difficult given that he's currently not speaking to me. Or emailing. Or texting. Not really sure what that's all about, but I'm not gonna stand for it. Thinking this will require a trip to Portland soon to rectify.

2. Stop working so much and take a real vacation. Riiiiiiiiight.

3. Get back on a regular schedule of dance, yoga, and pilates. Already started on this one, thanks to the ass surprise. Day one of 2007 included pilates. Yay me.

4. Finish the patio or have the house painted. I did neither of these things, but I did tear up half of my front yard to build raised beds full of new baby plants. It was in the outdoor home improvement spirit, so I'm giving myself credit for this one. I still need to finish the patio and have the house painted, but I think those will both have to wait until Solve Termite Problem has been scratched off the list.

5. Make a will. Whoops. I'll do it this year, I swear!

And, because simply carrying over 2006's resolutions would be cheating, here are the new additions for 2007:

6. Solve sleep deprivation problem. This shall include getting my ass to bed before 2 am. (On school nights, at least.)

7. Solve termite problem.

I'll consider myself successful if I'm able to accomplish just one of these. (Sorry baby bro, but I'm hoping it's the termites.) Happy New Year to you all, and much luck with your own good intentions!

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