Monday, November 27, 2006

How do I love thee?

Most people will tell you that the love they feel for their child is infinite, indescribable, unquantifiable. And I, of course, would agree. Except for tonight. Tonight, you see, brought a fresh flurry of the white stuff. And we - despite the fact that our best faux snow gear was still drenched from last night's frolic - took advantage of it once again. The experience made one thing undeniably clear: love IS quantifiable. Should anyone ask me to describe the depth of my love for my child, I'm now prepared with a number that I'm confident defines just how much I love he. And that number:


And not one digit more.

*as measured in minutes I'm willing to endure playing in the snow without gloves, purely for the sake of a snot-nosed kid's happiness.

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