Monday, November 06, 2006

40 Days and 40 Nights

Despite the rumors you've certainly heard, it does NOT always rain in Seattle. Granted, for about nine months out of the year it's pretty grey and wet. But that doesn't mean it's actually raining. It's often just overcast, with little coughing fits of rain. To simply open up the skies and let out a bucket load of rain would be a very direct approach, and as I've mentioned in previous posts, Seattle is the U.S. capital of INdirect. So we have a lot of sprinkles, a lot of showers, a lot of drizzles, a lot of mists, because even our weather is incapable of just coming out and saying what it really means. A real rain - let alone a down pour - doesn't happen very often. When it does, it's not uncommon to see people wander out onto their front porches and gaze heavenward in amazement.

For the past few days (and a few more to come, if you believe the weathermen) we are in the midst of what one local news station is calling "Wet and Wild 2006". It's raining - for real. Rivers are flooding, roads are flooding, houses are flooding. So far, my basement is staying dry. But my backyard is such a large, deep puddle that the birds were actually bathing in it this morning. I don’t hold out much hope for continued dryness tomorrow.

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jacque g said...

Yay for dry basements! Ours is holding out too, but the rain sure makes the "old house stench" much worse (gag!).

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