Thursday, October 05, 2006

Yes, actually. I WAS in a hurry this morning.

What was the best clue? Was it:

a. The bag of garbage hastily tossed out the kitchen door, which was then torn open by some damned creature and spread throughout my driveway?

b. The Kid's dropped blankey, forlorn and alone on the porch steps?

c. The vase of flowers, lying on its side on the mantle?

d. The slightly ajar refrigerator door?

e. My frantic sprint from the front door to the car, dragging a small startled child behind me?

When I shrieked at the kid to hurry up so we wouldn't be late, he informed me that "we" weren't late. "Ummm... you're late. I'm not late. I can get to preschool whatever time I want - they're not gonna fire me."

If only I had some idea who's teaching him to be such a smart ass...

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