Thursday, October 26, 2006


I am buoyed throughout my week by the knowledge that Thursday will bring me Grey's Anatomy. It is the one beacon of hope that pulls me through this burning inferno I call just another day at the office. And after a week like the one I've just had, I can tell you that nothing brings me more joy than the thought of snuggling down tonight with a cup of hot tea, under a warm blankey, on my overstuffed couch and watching an hour of bad tv. Mock me if you must - I don't mind. But if you really want some ammo, you should definitely focus on the fact that my butt won't move from the couch after Grey's. Instead, it'll stay planted in its warm cubby and watch another hour of bad tv in the form of 6 Degrees - not because I like the show, because I don't... not because I'm attached to the characters, because I'm not... but because I like Anya's hair.

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jacque g said...

D'oh! I myself was looking forward to the vegging out in front of Grey's only to be duped by not 1 but 2 repeat episodes!!! Can they legally do that seeing as how they are only a month into the new season?

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