Thursday, September 07, 2006

Why I should be allowed to wear jeans to work every day

I bought myself an oh-so-stylish wrap dress over the weekend. I've had "wrap" dresses before, the quotations indicating that the dresses were merely styled so as to appear to be wrapped... but really were just standard over-the-head dresses. Having spent an entire day wearing a conventional wrap dress, I now understand why they fell out-of-style those many years ago, and am also pretty certain it could only be a man responsible for their triumphant return.

Let's just say that if I had boobs to spill, they would've done spilled a number of times. Thankfully that's not an issue for me, so unless any of my coworkers find sternums to be scandalous, I think it's rather unlikely that I've offended anyone.

Much more dangerous for me is what's going on below my waist. Given that I'm basically wearing a tailored bathrobe, sitting down with anything less than great care creates a slit up my front from knee to waist. I'm faced with a similar issue when walking up stairs. And I had a near Marilyn Monroe moment as I walked along the windy waterfront to get some lunch.

Lord knows how many people I flashed while my focus on actual work distracted me from my diligent fabric adjustments.

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