Tuesday, September 05, 2006


Sorry. I've not been posting much. I've even had good material - but my attempts to recreate events via blogging have been awkward at best, and I decided against publishing anything I wrote last week. I now offer tidbits from my holiday weekend, and hope that regular writing will commence soon:

Friday evening:
I celebrate the coming weekend with dinner at the JacqueG household. The missus and I consume copious amounts of wine and catch up on our gossip, while the man of the house shows off his new buck knife and throws rocks at a bee hive.

Hurray for Bumbershoot. I buy my first real piece of art. I rock out to a little Rogue Wave. I watch Rubberbandance Group. I am happy.

I take my mom shopping. We're out ALL day long, and she buys two handbags, a pair of pants, and a pair of shoes. This is more than I've ever seen her buy in one outing. I consider this a fashion breakthrough for her, and celebrate by buying myself my own new pair of shoes... and a sweater, a handbag, a dress, a pair of pants, and a cute top.

I work from home. Bleh. I take a break to run some errands, and a spider clings to my side mirror as I tool around town, all the while sucking the juice from the bee he'd caught in his web. The spider holds at 45 mph, and survives to be deposited back in my driveway upon my return home. I predict this spider will someday rule the world.

Preschool is closed, so I stay home with The Kid. We head to Seattle Center to pick up my Bumbershoot art. We play in the wading pool and wander around watching the hullabaloo of Bumbershoot clean-up. And then we head over to ride the ducks. While normally I groan at the cheesy jokes tour guides seem required to tell, today I groan at the mountains of incorrect information the guide gives our busload of poor, unsuspecting tourists. But The Kid thinks floating through the water on a bus is pretty damn cool, so all is not lost. Then it's on to Home Depot to order the supplies for next weekend's landscaping project. After dropping The Kid off with his dad for the night, I return home to work some more, stopping only to write this sad excuse for a post.


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