Tuesday, August 15, 2006

Panties, as promised

It seems Angry Dissenter, like so many men before him, would like to see my panties. Behold:


Here's how it works:

1. Copy the entire text and post in your blog. (Reminder: do not copy photos.)
2. Add your name and link to the Panty Meme Participants list below.
3. Post a
picture of panties. It'’s fun if you post your own photo, though you don'’t have to.
4. Tag two people and change out the names below.

Panty Meme Participants:


Team Gingerbread





Angry Dissenter


Tag, you're it!

1. Solipsism in Seattle - because you've had a blog FOREVER, and have yet to make a single post. I think a picture of your panties would be the perfect way to break the ice.

2. JacqueG - because, though I know you'll curse my name and never comply, you happen to be the only other person I know with an active blog.

As for my panty submission, it requires a back story. Here goes:

When The Kid was still an androgynous lopsided bulge in my belly, my mother-in-law and I were sorting through some baby hand-me-downs from a distant cousin. She very carefully pulled out any and all clothing items that had a touch of pink, a hint of a flower, or - oddly enough - were missing a tag. When The Kid was born a boy, she reminded me of her careful hand-me-down sorting and wondered aloud if I wasn't grateful that she'd spared my baby boy the embarrassment of being made to look "girly."

As The Kid grew, his grandmother latched on to any stereotypically boy thing he developed interest in. Most recently, that has been superheros. Grandma has responded with superhero costumes, action figures, coloring books, and movies. The movies, in particular, have introduced The Kid to the fact that superheros have an odd habit of wearing their underwear as outerwear.

As my contribution to the panty meme, I submit The Kid's latest superhero concoction:

Yes. Those are Sponge Bob boxer briefs he's wearing over the top of his football jammies. He's a red Power Ranger, in case any of you were wondering.

Thank God (and Grandma) that he's not wearing anything with a tiny pink flower on it. Because that would just look silly.


Maritza said...

Excellent use of underwear! It's very creative. Thanks for participating!

Angry Dissenter said...

I thought he was Spiderman. Red power ranger will do, though.

Nicely done.

jacqueg said...

Damn you, KB!!!

team gingerbread said...

Sure, sure..one up me, that's fine! Lol, nice submission :)

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