Monday, July 17, 2006

Greetings from Michigan

We're here - hot and sticky. It was 92 and humid when we landed, and supposed to be hotter today. The Kid's birthday party was Saturday, and then we got up VERY early to head to the airport yesterday morning. Keeping a five year old entertained on a four hour flight is no easy task, but he did a pretty good job. Plus, there was a medical emergency mid-flight, so that made things interesting. (In part, because we were all instructed to stay in our seats until the doctors got everything back to normal, and The Kid REALLY to pee.)

At any rate, by the time we got here and made the rounds to see everyone, I was exhausted. So exhausted, I didn't even mind that The Kid insist that I sleep with him in the tent trailer set up in my aunt's backyard. It was supposed to be Grandma that "camped" with him, while I took the highly coveted downstairs (relatively cool) bedroom. I woke up with horrid allergies due to the musty tent smell, and a steady pain in my back... but I slept with a rock.

My plan tonight is to pick a fight with him right before bedtime, so that he decides Grandma is once again the chosen one.

I'll post more later if I'm able...

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