Sunday, July 23, 2006

Factoids from 7 days in Michigan

Number of nights spent sleeping in a tent trailer when there was a perfectly good bed in the house: 2
Number of nights I fell asleep making escape plans in case of attack by serial killer: 2
Number of times I wanted to "use that tone" with my mother: 6
Number of times I actually did: 2
Number of times The Kid wanted to "use that tone" with me: 1,046
Number of times he actually did: 1,046
Number of hotdogs eaten by myself and The Kid, respectively: 3, 8
Number of mosquito bites on my right foot alone: 22
Number of days I complained about the slimy, artificially softened shower water before realizing it gave my hair lovely cascading curls: 2
Number of hours required to walk two blocks with my aunts at the art fair: 2
Number of days The Kid and I had to hang out with old people before my cousins got to town: 5
Number of hours required to walk entire length of same art fair with my cousins: 0.5
Age at which I wanted to marry my cousin Rick: 4
Age at which Rick's daughter wants to marry my son: 4.5
Number of hours it took to drive to my aunt and uncle's new boat: 4
Number of Matchbox 20/Rob Thomas songs heard on the radio during the drive: Impossible to count
Number of nights of uninterrupted sleep: 0
Number of minutes before my head hits the pillow tonight: 2

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