Tuesday, July 11, 2006

And I'm related to these people

Me and The Kid are hopping a plane on Sunday and heading for Ann Arbor, MI for a family reunion. I have mixed feelings about this because, while it is a vacation and ANYTHING is better than work, it's still Michigan. And I have a quirky family, which means that sometimes I enjoy them thoroughly... and sometimes I think they need to be committed. Case in point:

We always stay with my mom's youngest sister, who just happens to be the only one who lives outside of Ann Arbor (translation: the sticks, with real live dirt roads). She's also the only one without air conditioning, but that's another story. I like this particular aunt, and I enjoy spending time with her, but there is nothing to do at her place. And by nothing, I mean that walking 20 minutes to the corner quickie-mart for a popsicle is usually the highlight of the day. To combat the boredom, we're going to take a trip to see her new boat which just happens to be on the other side of the state. This would be fine if we were then going to enjoy taking it out on Lake Michigan. But that won't happen. This is a much bigger boat than she's ever had, and she doesn't know how to drive it yet. So we're going to take a day-long road trip (with a 5 year old) to go sit on a docked boat. And that's if we're lucky. The deal may not have closed yet, which means we very well may be taking a day-long road trip (with a 5 year old) to go stand on a dock and LOOK at a boat. And my aunt and mother think this is a great idea.

Something tells me the quickie-mart popsicle is still going to be the best part of the trip.

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