Monday, June 19, 2006

It's happening again

And it's marked, as usual, by a dramatic increase in the amount of cheesy, melodramatic music finding its way into my cd player.

I'm lonely.

It's been a couple months since I stopped hanging out with the last guy. That pretty much ended the night he plopped himself on my couch and started picking the dead skin from between his toes... and then leaned over to try to lay the mack down. Eew.

There are those who like to jump from one relationship to the next, never going more than a couple months without a bona fide boy/girl friend. I am not one of those people. I generally need a good long break to cleanse my palate before heading back out even just to flirt. But eventually, the bitter taste of my last dating experience is rinsed from my mouth, and I begin to long once again for someone to call my own. And that is where I find myself lately, my mind oft wandering to lovers past, wondering if I dismissed any of them too quickly; my head, as previously mentioned, filled with the melodies of silly love songs. It is this state that causes me to make rash decisions and go out with ridiculous men.

So let's just pretend for a minute that I AM one of those relationship addicted fools. I would be SCREWED! (Seriously, where do those people find other reasonable people to date??) Let me illustrate my point. IF I were the type who bounced from boyfriend to boyfriend, I'd have been forced to call any or all of the following "boyfriend":

  1. The guy who asked me to go to couples therapy with him... Before we'd even gone on a date.
  2. The guy who kissed HIS OWN HAND in the middle of dinner.
  3. The guy who announced on our first date that he would have to stay away from anything with marinara sauce because tomato products aggravate his Irritable Bowel Syndrome.
  4. The guy who would only take me to dinner if he had a coupon for it.
  5. The guy with anti-fungal creams lining his bathroom counter.


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