Thursday, June 15, 2006

50K mile tune up

Due to my bad gas cap (which I will replace just as soon as I happen to find myself in an autoparts store), my car has developed a touchy check engine light. It flickers on and off here and there, particularly when I'm getting low on gas or sitting in traffic. It always seems to me like the equivalent of a heavy sigh; my car's best means of communicating that it's tired and would like to take a nap.

Lately my own check engine light has been flickering to life, evidenced by my creaky joints and sore muscles, frequent dizzy spells, and general state of lethargy. I returned to the doctor earlier this week to have some follow up tests. I haven't gotten the blood work back, but my blood pressure is back to normal. And though I'm still sleepy, I'm no longer having near narcoleptic fits. Surely I must be on the mend.

Because I just can't get enough of the doctor these days, I figured I might as well get the annual ob/gyn visit out of the way too. I have only one question: What's with the church? I appreciate the lovely art work you put on the ceilings so I have something to gaze at while you do your thing between the stirrups. But seriously... a church? The last thing I want to look at while I'm lying in the most unholy of positions, answering questions about how many sexual partners I've had during the last year, is a freakin' church. I'm sorry Dr. S, I can't talk now... God's watching.

With all the doctor visits, I've had enough blood taken over the past few weeks to start my own bank. But why stop now? Might as well get a comprehensive tune up, so my next stop will be the dentist (which thankfully should be relatively blood free). It's been a pain in the ass, but hopefully all the appointments will finally point out what's been wrong with me. I can only hope the solution for my personal engine light is as simple as a new cap from the auto parts store.

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