Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Just one of the many reasons I'll never get married again

Once upon a time, The Kid was really sick. He had to go to the doctor and have lots of lab work done. The Ex's insurance decided they needed more information before they'd process the claim. The Ex was supposed to clear things up with the insurance company, and then let The Kid's mom know what she owed him for her portion of the adjusted expense. Bills continued to arrive: first in white envelopes; then blue; then pink. "I'm still trying to get it worked out with the insurance company," assured The Ex. Six months later The Ex admits that he just hasn't had the time to get around to making any phone calls. That's about the time the collections agents start calling looking for him. The Kid's mom is used to collections agents calling looking for her ex-husband, so isn't alarmed. But then, one of the agents informs The Kid's mom that The Kid remains "community property" even after the divorce, making The Kid's mom equally responsible for any of The Ex's kid-related debts. The Kid's mom is powerless to work with The Ex's insurance company, and she knows her ex well enough to know that he'll never take care of it himself. So she pays the very expensive bill, knowing The Ex will never see fit to reimburse her for his share, and begins plotting her murderous revenge.

Then she glances at the dining room table and happens to spot the IRS check that just arrived in the mail. She begins to smile. It seems she won't be paying The Ex his half of her child tax credit this year after all.

And she remained single for the rest of her life, and lived happily ever after.

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