Monday, May 22, 2006

Falling can be deadly, and other weekend discoveries

This month's girls' night out was a day hike at Deception Pass. (So far, our "nights" involve a lot of daylight.)

No hike is complete without a little shopping, which was accomplished at the outlet stores on our way out. The shopping experience was average at best, except for the divine discovery of the Christian Outlet Store. Had I known religion was available at a discount, I would've become a believer years ago.

Finally extricating ourselves from the bargains, we left the throngs of weekend shoppers and headed for the wilderness. We hiked, had some lunch, listened to the foreplay and eventual fornication of geese, watched seals bob through the pass, and - as girls are wont to do - giggled.

So what do girls discuss as they commune with nature? I can't tell you exactly, as that would break all sorts of girl code rules, but I will treat you to a few soundbites:

"My drug dealer's a pretty good kisser."

"Getting eaten would SUCK!"

"You wouldn't introduce your vibrator to your friends."

"I want to get you alone, make you my own, and make sweet love to you."

(You can thank John Denver for that last one.)

And how can you not giggle at something like this:

Thank the great discounted God for signs stating the blatantly obvious, or we all would've been killed!

1 comment:

Angry Dissenter said...

I think the coup ge grace is that the guy on the sigh appears to be smiling as he falls to his death . . .

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