Tuesday, March 07, 2006

It's a beautiful day in Chicago

The sun is out and the chill in the air is invigorating, not debilitating. On the agenda today: The Art Institute and more general exploring. And Girlfriend #1 flies in tonight - Hurray! She wasn't supposed to come in until tomorrow night, but due to a work emergency that sent her to Michigan of all places, she's being flown in early. Of course, that means that she'll be crashing in my mini-suite which, since I was expecting it to be just me, is equipped with only the one bed. So, naturally, we'll have to strip down to our underwear and have a pillow fight, and then make out before finally drifting of to sleep.

At any rate, this is not why I'm posting this morning. I am posting to deliver a very important message. Here it is:

Dear Preggo,

Under no circumstances are you to birth that baby while I am away. Cross your legs and squeeze 'im back in. Understood?

1 comment:

preggo said...

Good to hear from you. will stand on my head at the mere indication and not allow it to happen. don't worry your sweet little head about it.

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