Tuesday, March 07, 2006

I'm never coming home

Someone please pack up The Kid and send him express delivery to Chicago. We're relocating.

Headed south on foot today, in the direction of the Art Institute. I quickly gave up all pretense of being cool and dissolved into total tourist mode, nearly mowing down passers by as I gawked skyward. Holy awesome buildings, batman!

I stopped for lunch at a little cafe near the institute. I was informed I'd arrived at the tail end of the first lunch rush, and noticed I was surrounded by student artists. Intrigued, I unashamedly eavesdropped on all their artisty conversations. After a decidedly less than appetizing meal (I usually prefer my cheese be removed from its plastic wrap prior to being placed on bread and grilled, but maybe that's just me), I stuck around to observe the 2nd lunch rush, which was a noticeably different crowd than the first. I feel compelled to describe them as very "tweed," and not nearly as interesting subjects for eavesdropping.

The Art Institute was incredible. And - bonus! - it was Free Tuesday, so I didn't even have to pay. To try to describe it all here is a exercise in futility, so I'll limit myself to one comment:

I challenge any of you to try to convince me that someone who would use that much texture in his paintings isn't intending - nay, demanding - that I touch them. Actually, the curator lady managed to convince me, but only because she looked like she could kick my ass, and I didn't want to be beaten before I got to the Picasos. But, obviously, she doesn't know van Gogh like I know van Gogh. He wanted me to touch them.

I now strike out again, this time heading north. I shall report later.

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preggo said...

Let me know if you aren't coming home because I will not want this baby in me forever. thank you.

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