Sunday, March 05, 2006

I actually did something right

I am notorious for being up until 3:00 in the morning the day before I hop on a plane. For some reason, I can never seem to coordinate laundry, house cleaning, arranging for someone to pick up my mail, packing, etc., and there's always a last minute wee hours of the morning scramble to get everything done. This time around should have been worse, because I had about 2000 more things than usual to take care of before I leave. But here it is, 11:00 and I'm all packed and ready to go. Further more, my son is all packed and ready to go to Dad's for the week, and he's now sleeping soundly having even been put to bed on time.

This is big news, people. Seriously. I even cleaned out the fridge and took out the garbage, thereby depriving my house of its usual rotten broccoli welcome home stench.

1 comment:

jacque said...

Have a great trip! Can't wait until you get back so we can dish!

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