Tuesday, March 14, 2006

A break from tradition

For the past five years, I've celebrated my dad's birthday with a toast in his honor which, for obvious reasons, requires a drink. (Don't think I've missed the irony in annually drinking to a man who literally drank himself to death. That's part of the beauty of it.) My dad's drink of choice was Bud. Bleh. So every year, I choke down Anheiser Busch's evil curse on humanity. Actually, I attempt to choke it down. Usually I get about a quarter of the way through the can before giving a half-hearted "Here's to you, Pops" and pouring the rest down the drain.

Last night as I faced the rows of red and white cans staring back at me from the shelves of the grocer's chilled aisle, I put my foot down in my last act of defiance against my father. NO MORE BUDWEISER! Still wanting to make my annual toast, I decided to go back to the days of my early childhood. Memories of my dad from those days are filled with a different type of red and white can: one that features a prominent scripty R. Rainier Beer, I think you hear me knockin'!

Back in those days, my dad prided himself on the fact that his daughter identified local cities by their respective breweries. Driving along I-5, I'd spot the giant red R perched high atop the old Rainier brewery and hear it's call: "Welcome to Seattle, Southenders!" Similarly I knew I was in Olympia and, more importantly, half way to Dad's house by the blur of the old Oly brewery outside my car window. And, thanks to the infamous Rainier commercial, whenever I made a motorcycle sound, it's speeding gear shifts sounded like this: "RaaaaaaaaaaaaiNieeeeeeeeeeeeerBeeeeeeeeeeer." And not because I thought it was funny, but because that's what I thought motorcycles actually sounded like.

Mmmmm... Rainier. Such sweet memories, Dad was honored with two cans last night and "Here's to you, Pops!" came with a grin instead of a grimace.

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Other Office Guy said...

Now, see, that's funny right there. I still think of that commercial every time I am going through the gears on the bike. You are right, that's exactly what it sounds like.

Here's to your Pop's.

Blue skies/

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