Tuesday, March 28, 2006

And another thing

Why did no one tell me that parenting duties cease to exist the second your child falls asleep? Turns out, it only "counts" if they're awake, at least if you listen to my ex who continues to argue against paying child support because, "He's asleep part of the time he's with you." All these years, I've been putting The Kid to bed and then hanging out at home, ready to spring to action at the slightest indication of a house fire, midnight vomit, attempted kidnapping, or any other number of bad things that I thought could happen during the night. I realize now that such things only happen during daylight hours. There's no need for a parent once the sun has set. Who knew?

(Incidentally, that part about him sleeping? Yeah, that's because he LIVES WITH ME, which is why you are obligated to pay child support in the first place. Thanks for arguing my point for me.)

Again, please see caveats as listed out in previous post.

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