Wednesday, March 29, 2006

All is right in the world

So, after a brief talk with The Ex this evening, he admitted that he's paying less in support than he thought. I mean, obviously he knew how much he was writing the check for each month, but he didn't realize how much of it was solely his portion of daycare costs. Take that out, and there ain't much left. I also reminded him that once The Kid starts full-day kindergarten, those daycare costs will be almost entirely non-existent. So I think we're good (at least until this time next year, at which point he'll have forgotten this conversation ever took place).

Speaking of full-day kindergarten, I just received notice that The Kid got into the school we were hoping for. It's right up the road from our house, has the best test scores and, most importantly, has a rock climbing wall in the gym. The Kid is most excited about the Spanish class and guitar lessons that are offered after school. I'm most excited about the cute Kindergarten teacher I met during orientation. Hubba hubba.

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