Wednesday, February 08, 2006

My first valentine

My ma is a scrapbooker. Generally speaking, I think this is a very bad thing. I do not ever remember asking for a book that documents every single terrible photo of me - complete with cute borders, clever cutouts, and witty comments - and yet I find myself the proud owner of one such book. (Merry Christmas to me!) I'm not kidding - every naked baby picture, every cheesy school photo - all included. The phase I went through in the 2nd grade when I decided I didn't like the fact that my eyes squint when I smile? Yup, there it is, preserved in a year's worth of photos wherein I try to keep my eyes as wide open as possible, creating a lovely terror-stricken countenance (which, incidentally, was blatantly plagiarized later by runaway bride Jennifer Wilbanks). Neon pink socks paired with clear jelly shoes? Yup. Braces and headgear? Uh huh. Feathered hair? Followed by a spiral perm and ratted bangs? Oh yeah. Stretch denim? You better believe it. And don't even get me started on the sparkly Homecoming dresses.

So, yeah... not normally a big fan of the scrapbook thing.

But sometimes, mixed in with the terrible photos, Mom throws in a sweet little memento, like this message written in a Valentine's Day card from 1978:

Dear KB,

This is just the 1st of many valentines you will receive, but none of the others could be given with more love. Happy Valentine's Day.


So syrupy sweet, it may just inspire me to celebrate the stupid holiday this year.

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Dave Ripken said...


Hey there. I'm a banker from New York who just got - of all things - braces, UGH! Anyways, I'm sitting here moping about having to wear them, dreading going back after being off this week as the only one wired in a company of 500 people! I have a few questions and you seem to be like an ortho expert based upon what you've been through already (I searched blogs under the word "headgear" and found your blog. Your headgear story amused me in that your mom took pics of you in it! Yikes!

Anyways, I have a few quick questions, but would love to hear back and see if you wouldn't mind answering even more! (I'd ask my "friends", but they think its hysterical that I'm getting wired and haven't been all that compassionate, even though most of them once wore them!) I'm seeking refuge with a stranger who won't judge me! HOpefully, you're that stranger!

1) I"ve had mine on now for 5 days, yet it still hurts to eat most foods. Was it like this for you?
2) My "sentence" is 24-30 months. Is this a long time in the world of ortho, or not too bad. How long were you wired?
3) I need rubber bands. I"m not sure if you wore them, but I'm curious if its tough to yawn in them and whether they like snap out at the most inopportune times? I remember a girl in 8th grade was giving an oral report when one of hers popped out and landed on the teachers shirt! She turned purple!
4) As an adult, do you know people who've been wired? Am I going to stick out as much as I think I will? I"ve had mine on ly a few days and bus drivers, waitresses, and EVERYONE seems to comment. Heck, a waitress almost made me cry the other day and I'm not even that sensitive! GRRR! I wish nobody would notice!)
5)Most importantly, I need headgear (GRRR!) At any age, I'd hate it, but as an adult.... Can you tell me honestly how bad it is?

I'm Dave and its nice to meet you. Thanks so much as you seem cool even though you once wore braces! I'd love to hear back! I've been thinking all week "what have you done????" whenever I go by thte mirror. It's too bad they don't come off!
Dave (

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